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A closer look to tiling and your tiler

Over the years the tiles in our home are under a lot of requisitioning on a daily basis, high traffic areas are under many mechanical stress just to mention one out of the many factors.

Under high sun exposure the tiles can heat up to a surprising 65 C degrees which causes the tile to expand then in cooler temperatures the same tile will shrink. The same mechanism happens during the winter months and also in areas with under-floor heating.

This movement of the tiles puts extra pressure on the agglutination we used for fixing the tiles. And here we have arrived to one of the most crucial part of a tiling job can include - the method of agglutination.

One thing we can know for sure and many of us experienced it unfortunately is that the rushed service, not proper products and many more factors will only give one result: loose and misplaced tiles.

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So how can we know what is actually under our tile?

The answer is simple - we can't. We can't if we choose a professional who will not keep these crucial things in mind. Whether they use the most expensive glue or equipment, even the leading brands, if the techniques used for installing the tiles are not correct it will nearly always end in unwanted tile movement.

What is the solution to this problem?

Using the contact agglutination, we can achieve a 100% adhesion. This is called the double-sided technique where we place the glue on the tiles and on the surface too - with this method the glue is always 'fresh' between surface and tile and undeniably gives the strongest cohesion possible. This technique does require more time however this way we have the highest chance to avoid loose tiles, uneven surfaces and unwanted noises.

I personally only use the technique mentioned above and have managed to complete several jobs with amazing results in all sort of tiling in and around a house.